How to book a trip from  the current offer

When you choose a trip, open it with the MORE INFORMATION button and select  the number of adults and children (aged 6 – 15) who will attend the trip. Then continue with PUT INTO SHOPPING BASKET button. Check your items in the basket and proceed to CASHIER . Insert you email address and  invoice details  - your name and surname, country, permanent address, post code and your phone number for further possible contact. If you stay in a hotel, a guest-house etc., include the address of your current stay. If your permanent and current addresses are the same, just tick CURRENT AND PERMANENT ADDRESSES  MATCH. Follow with the button proceed to next step where  you can check details about the chosen trip, number of persons, invoice data.   

 Select payment:
- CASH   ( at the  accomodation provider´s  reception, you will obtain the receipt at your   arrival for the trip)                                                                                                                                                           - CREDIT CARD (after making the payment, you will be sent  the confirmation email)

It is necessary to make the payment for a  trip chosen from the current offer no later than the day before the specific trip by 5 p.m.


A trip per order

You can find a list of all trips (theme or sport ones) in  A TRIP PER ORDER offer.

Open a particular trip using the MORE INFORMATION button.  An order form will be displayed. Fill it in (including your email address)  and send. We will mail you your  custom-tailored trip.

The payment for a trip has to be made to the travel agency account via bank transfer.

A trip per order is designed and provided  indipendently of the current offer trips.



If you do not have your own bicycle or there is no possibility to hire one at your accomodation provider´s, we are able to lend you a bike providing you REQUEST for  it in the part of fakturačné údaje / invoice data or in the order form (remark, comment) – hire of a bicycle and a cyclo-helmet. The rental fee is Є10 per a day. This fee is not included in the cyclotrip price and you will be charged  at  the start of the trip.

We recommend:

  • suitable clothing / sportswear
  • a light sport jacket in case of summer showers or longer downhill ride
  • a minimum of 1 litre of water/ refreshing drink
  • ID 


We recommend to take with you:

  • a minimum of 1 litre of water/ refreshing drink
  • a small snack
  • suitable hiking clothing (hiking boots or outdoor shoes, a waterproof jacket or raincoat, a spare T-shirt, etc.
  • ID

MOUNTAIN INSURANCE (for hiking and cyclotrips)

In case of your interest  we can  facilitate mountain insurance of a person which  covers the costs of the Mountain Rescue Service.


All participants sporting trips to embark on a trip to sign an affidavit that the trip at their own peril.