The route of this hiking trip takes us to Slovak Paradise, one of the most beautiful localities of Spiš region. Slovak Paradise is a national park situated in the eastern part of Slovakia and it is admired by nature lovers, hikers and sporty people.

Just an hour of transport and we arrive in the village of Podlesok. A splendid  hiking trail leads through Sucha Bela, the most favourite gorge in Slovak Paradise. We walk between giant rocks, through  gorges, past and over numerous waterfalls climbing a great number of wooden or metal ladders and using foot-bridges and chains. It is an indescribable experience.  After two hours and  a half of uphill walking we get to the end of Suchá Belá gorge. It´s time for a short break and a small snack. Having boosted our energy we go on hiking towards Kláštorisko. At Kláštorisko we stop to see reconstructed ruins of the Cartesian monastery from the late 13th century and to get a refreshment  before the way back.

We may come home (to hotels, chalets, guest-houses) tired, however,  captivated by the stunning beauty of the nature.


Route options:

Overall length: 13.5 km

Net time: 5 hours.

Climb: 535 m

Descent: 535 m





Departure: 7:30 - 8:30
Arrival (estimated): 17:00 - 18:00
Meeting point: Demänovská dolina, Jánska dolina

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